Our Story

Be Whole was founded in 2020, under the premise of creating a new premium Rose Design for all sexes, that previously was unavailable; minimalistic, but yet very effective Design. Be Whole launched the Signature Rose Design as it's debut product, and very slowly but surely, began to gain notoriety among taste-makers and TikTok Content creators.
All our designs are for all sexes, religions; Doesn’t matter what you do, where your from, your upbringing, the colour of your skin, walk of life. 


In 2021, the brand started to get some very beautiful & talented artists in on our not just our designs but also our promotional campaigns. Our designs are very high value, in our space with a major price decrease. Both founders & CEO’s had grew up in somewhat less fortunate backgrounds, so are aware how difficult it be found to pay premium prices for premium products. 

We want to make this journey with you, our customers. Whether you are new to the brand, one of the original supporters of us or somewhere in between; everyone is welcome at B3Whole Clothing. We look forward to progressing this brand to new heights that have never been seen before.

B3Whole Clothing remains the brand you know and love, but we are entering a new chapter in our story. A story that is told for many years to come. We want to build B3Whole Clothing into a brand that is identifiable the world over, while remaining a proud British brand that is designed entirely within Birmingham, UK.

We are boldhonest and modern, daring to push the boundaries like never before while remaining as transparent as possible at all times about the process that we are undertaking. We will always stay true to the iconic B3Whole Clothing products, we are world-renowned for the silhouettes and styles that were forged in our formative years, and that is something that we have no intention of abandoning. We believe in the authenticity of B3Whole Clothing, with quality fabric, fit and finishes that are unmistakably us.

Meeting the founders:

Taylor MADDOCKS, Former content creator, now designer, software developer & Part-Social Media Manager. 
Jordan HARVEY, Part-Social Media Manager 

Most importantly, we strive to put you, our customers, first.

This is a new start for B3Whole Clothing, and we thank all of you for being a part of this journey with us.